Ashlee Starstrider
CGI Ashlee


Galaxy Squad
    Orange Team


Blaster, Types I and II


Bug Obliterator (Attack Ship)

Ashlee Starstrider is a member of the Orange Team of Galaxy Squad. She is the only known female member of Galaxy Squad.


Ashlee wears an orange space suit with grey torso armor, black gloves and an orange helmet with a clear visor. She has thin eyebrows, long eyelashes and purple lips. When needed, she uses a silver breathe filter, a device effective against Alien infection. She has a double-printed head like the other Galaxy Squaders.


Little is known about Ashlee's past. She joined the following the discovery of Alien forces corrupting and infecting Planets in the Selva system and was posted in Orange Team. Ashlee was known to pilot the Bug Obliterator.

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