OrangeTeam vs Mosquitoids

Blasters in use by Orange Team

Blasters were hand-held weapons wielded by the humans and robots alike. There were many types of blaster, each one unique in its own way.

Standard BlastersEdit


A standard blaster


The most common type of blaster is small and dark grey, with two barrels, one over the other. They are connected near the tip and at the back of the gun. Two of these blasters were mounted on Red Team's Speederbike.


A Type-II Standard Blaster

Type II

A variation of this blaster has elongated barrels, making the weapon almost twice as long.

Double-barreled stun dischargers

Almost identical to the Type-1 blaster the double-barreled stun dischargers are made of a black metal (similar to the Heavy Blasters) instead of the normal grey metal they can fire two red stun blasts at Aliens. and also overcharge and fire a barrage of lasers.

Heavy BlastersEdit

There are three types of heavy blaster, each one much larger than the standard issues. The only characters seen to use these are the Robots.


A Type-I Heavy Blaster


The first type of heavy blaster is long and black, with a short transparent red barrel parallel to the main one. The tips of both barrels are connected by way of a large round black piece. This weapon is used by the Blue Robot.

HB Type2

A Type-II in use


The type of blaster wielded by the Orange Robot is large and bulky. It, too, is mainly black. It has a large round transparent red section in the middle with a thin barrel extend outward from this. The weapon's scope is short and light grey.

HB Type3

A Type-III in use


The last type of heavy blaster is long and black, with a transparent red scope. The barrel is rectangular in shape and has a circular tip. Clipped onto it is an Energy Blade.



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