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The Alien Buggoids are one of the chief enemies of the Galaxy Squad. They allied themselves with the Alien Mosquitoids in order to defeat the humans and rule the galaxy.


For the most part, Buggoids are encased in a tough green exoskeleton with lighter markings. This exoskeleton can apparently withstand the extremities of space, as most of their vehicles have no cockpit canopy. It is unknown how they breathe in these conditions or even if they breathe, since there is no air in space. They are humanoid and have oddly shaped heads, with a pair of eyes on each side and four large mandibles protruding from their mouths. The eyes are black with red dots in the center, with one larger than the other in a pair. Their forehead is covered by thick plates of dermal armor ending in spikes at the back. A segmented "tail" runs from their head down to the center of the back. Buggoids are not prone to wear armor or clothes of any sort and it is unknown how they communicate to one another.


Little is known about the Buggoids. The true name of the race remains a mystery, as does their purpose in attempting to rule the galaxy. It is possible that they are ruled by the Red Buggoid.

Vehicles and TechnologyEdit

Buggoids have been seen in a variety of vehicles, all based on the genetic line of arthropods.

They have also been seen to wield a sonic gun.


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