CLS-89 Desolator Mech is a custom set by BubbleBomber. It is the medium-small set of Year 2 Wave 1. It includes Max SolarflareBlue Robot, a Mosquitoid, and a Mantizoid. The mech is very similar to the CLS-89 Eradicator Mech, except the left arm is armed with four spring-loaded missiles (introduced in 2014), and the right arm has a giant missile. The air unit now has four flick-fire missiles instead of two. The bugs' unit is very similar to the 2011 Star Wars set Battle of Naboo. It floats above the ground, and is driven by the Mantizoid. The Mosquitoid manages six eggs in the back, and throws them with an egg catapult similar to that of the Hive Crawler.

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