Teeth & Tail Stinger

Method of Transportation


This page is for the storyline model. You may be looking for 30231 Space Insectoid, the set in which this model appears.

An Insectoid is a large quadrupedal Alien with a tail, stinger and wings. It is unknown if they are biological or mechanical creatures. Their larvae are often used as weapons.


Insectoids are larger than humans -- and most aliens as well. It has transparent green wings protruding over black legs and an underside of the same color, with dark red dermal armor and a tail also dark red with a light green stinger. It has red eyes over a pair of sharp black teeth.


Little is known about the Insectoids, except that they are small alien bugs that inhabit the large blue planet - possibly Selva -  that the Galaxy Squad is currently deployed on. One Insectoid was known to have a skirmish with Chuck Stonebreaker. The outcome of the duel is unknown.

Set AppearancesEdit

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