Sidekicks are humanoid like robots and act as members of the Red, Blue, Green and Orange Divisions.

The Blue RobotEdit

The Blue Robot fights with Solomon Blaze, the leader of the Blue Team. He wields a Blaster.



  • "Welcome to blue team briefing - If you can push the right buttons in the control room, you're in!"
  • "Let's start where we left off: with the coffee. Oh, right. You don't drink coffee."
  • "Did you bring duct tape? Always bring duct tape, in case your helmet breaks."
  • "First rule in Blue Team: Keep liquids away from electrical instruments."

The Red RobotEdit

The Red Robot fights with Billy Starbeam, the leader of the Red Team. He wields 2 transparent green Energy Blades.



  • "Well, look who's joining Red Team! Can you hit a target in zero gravity? Then come along!"
  • "If you can dress yourself while you're upside down, you're our guy!"
  • "Get your helmet on, dude! Geez, if you're gonna last in space, you better stick with me. "
  • "Quick: What's the first rule in space? Bugs are pests, not pets!"

The Green RobotEdit

The Green Robot fights with Chuck Stonebreaker, the leader of the Green Team. He wields a transparent blue Energy Shield, and an Energy Blade gun.


  • "It's "Let's go save some galaxy" time! Are you in?"
  • "In Green team, we only take on the best recruits. Like you. If you can fit in our gear."
  • "I want to see you show confidence, confidence, confidence! Stop combing your hair! You look fine."
  • "Back for more? Suit up for a loooooong space walk!"

The Orange RobotEdit

The Orange Robot fights with Ashlee Starstrider and the Leader of the Orange Team, Jack Fireblade. He wields a Blaster.


  • "Get suited up and report to Orange team leader now! Go, go, go!!"
  • "I see why it took you so long to get back here. You look awesome!"
  • "Did you get seasick on your last trip? Get some crackers and let's go!"
  • "Time for some spacy heroics!"

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