Space Swarmer


Aliens, Buggoids


Electro-Morphonic mandibles, Transmorgified Tri-Claw Apparatus, wings

This page is for the storyline model. You may be looking for 70700 Space Swarmer, the set in which this model appears.

The Space Swarmer is a mass produced alien spacecraft. It is both a land and air vehicle, as it has wings and  

legs. It is piloted by the Alien Buggoids, and they are able to sit in the cockpit, the glass of which is reportedly made of Hyperplex Spacethorax. In the rear, there is also a Cocoon Creation Pod, which is lined with hi-tech glass. The glass is included so that the sticky cocoon material won't stick to the container. 


  • The front "mouth" is actually an Electro-Morphonic pair of mandibles, that can latch onto a Galaxy Squad vehicle and never let go.
  • There is also a Transmorgified Tri-Claw Apparatus (the front "claws"), which is poisonous to everyone but the Aliens.

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