• MazzonG4638

    Once, long ago, when the selva galaxy was created, the hive mother was created too. It layed small, pink cocoons and when they hatched, out came the biggest threats to the galaxy. When the larvae grew up, they built insect like viechels to fight the galaxy squad, such as the Hive Crawler, or the Star Slicer. The hive crawler was the insect flagship. It had a catapult to launch the cocoons and to spilt them open, releasing more larvae. After millions of planets were taken over, the galaxy squad arrived. They fought the bugs ferosiouly. The Bug captian, The Mantizoid, controlled the Hive crawler andvthe Centipoid. The hive crawler sput the cocoons from the catapult, releasing more and more larvae. Finally, after about 4 years of non stop fig…

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